October 22, 2016, 01:40:41 AM
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News: If setsuna was a gundam.. are gundams called setsuna?

Armoured Mecha Assault

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January 19, 2016, 03:35:17 AM by Rockfire
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The site will probably continue for another year, but at this point the activity is so low that its probably not worth continuing after that. Place is nothing more than an group skype chat at this point.
December 27, 2015, 02:15:10 PM by Flowrellik
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Get ready fellow players and modders for the future is ours to grasp!
UK Windom SV is coming to C89!!
March 07, 2015, 03:49:41 PM by Flowrellik
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(I believe it's better to say this early than never get the chance at all. I hope you can understand.)

*Takes a bow*.
Well guys. This is it. From Monday onward I start my training for the Air Force and my future.
Words cannot express how much fun I've had spending with you guys. For good times and bad, I am still happy knowing I have made some great friends here and made wonderful memories to look back on.
I'm not sure when I'm going to get back. From what I estimated it should be 3-4 months total (2 months for BMT) but I feel that it might be sooner or later depending on my situation, but rest assured, I will come back. Might be busier but I will return. That is my promise. I hope you guys can understand.
(So for any reasons please don't delete any of my accounts even if automatic. If any problems occur I'll talk to the main staff member on any site on akatsuki team or on said site.)
It is gonna take a great deal to let me give up on the very hobbies I have, and even more so when I can share this with the very people that inspired me to keep going. Through my eyes I have seen the rise and fall of many windom sites, seen mods old and new that would blow people's minds, hell some mods would not have been made until I placed a thought (Like SuperYG's RX-78 gundam ver ka.), and even witnessed the many different faces of Winz00e/Wind00m, and 3dgundam. It would have been a great day if the time came where I can talk to some of my old friends again in the windom community. I even went back to see some of my old mods Ive collected in the past. So many good memories, so little time left to enjoy them heh. To think its hard to believe that it was many years ago I made first contact with 3DGundam when they had their site setup where mods were broken into parts and you gotta use points to get them. Such hardships back then but all the while fun. To the prime members I speak here from Winz00e, I hope Chatango gets back as a fad (It wasn't the same without hearing THONK for every new post made, then again I also miss Voxli so there's that XD.)
Thank you very much for being a special part of my life, all of you. Without you guys I would not be the very person I am now.
You better stick around when I come back. Nothing makes me sadder than to see communities I care for fall apart for any reason. If I can offer any insight to help with this, just remember this: All communities as a whole are the same. We may have different beliefs or languages or culture together, but as long as a common goal is there, there is always a unity to be made and a language barrier to be broken. Hell with this belief I can see a complete teamwork full game mod in the future with ALL the windom groups working together!
With an insightful mind aside, just remember if you ever feel doubt, just look to the skies. I will be there.
Until we meet again..

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